A view from the car a few miles from home

Cute little Howard threw rocks in the river until we drug him back to the car

A few of my favorite nieces

Definitely my favorite husband

Going back to Paris never seems to disappoint.
There's something about that slow town that draws you back.
I loved growing up in the small town,
But after I graduated I took a big break and didn't come home too much.
But now I just wish I could get there more.

In Paris there is 1 main road and 2 wards
[two groups meeting at different times for church services]
We have 1 gas station and a million cows
There are 2 paved roads [highway running through and my street]
And acres and acres of farmland.
Everyone one you pass on foot, on 4wheeler, on horse, on tractor, or car waves at you.
When I mow my lawn ever car that drives by waves.
At night the Milky Way lights up the sky
[I thought that happened everywhere, until I moved]
And my favorite brick house smells like family.

I hope someday to bring my kids back to Paris and spend all summer there relaxing in peace

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Rae said...

I love that picture of your nieces. So adorable.
I am SO happy I got to spend the night at chez Matthews. I loved it!