Goen' Fishen

One of R's many fish he caught... this one on the smaller side

My lil guy. I screamed forever before getting this pic

Our fish chilling on the poll waiting for us to be done

2 days before we moved R and I went on an all day Rexburg adventure.
[probably should have been packing all day, but this was way better!]
The first part of our day, after the sleeping in, we went fishing.
As of late we have been loving fishing and go as much as possible.
R is always my hero and baits my line, unhooks my fish, and guts the poor lil thing for me.
I do the lazy mans job and cast the line and reel em in! We make a good team.
Ry caught at least 5 fish that day. I caught 1. We saved 4.

Rexburg gave us such a prefect day. It was warm, a bit cloudy, and NO wind.
Can you believe it.... no wind. I swear that happens to days out of the year!
We found this huge palate thingy that we used as a boat
and floated lazily around the pond leaning our backs on each other and casting our lines.
If there were pictures of us on the water I'm sure they would be in all the mags
and would be making everyone wish they were us. I'm just positive.
Such a great part of the day.
Stay tuned for part 2


Rae said...

Sounds so fun! I would do the same jobs as you so we'd make a terrible team. :)
You are SO freaking cute. But....is that blood dripping down your hand? Sort of makes me want to gag chubs!

chelse said...

oh sick! I didn't even notice that! Now I'm never touching one ever again!