Sunday Excursions

This Sunday was a beautiful day. Church was good, besides the boring sacrament talks. (really really boring this week) We ate a delicious meal. And yes I even prepared it. I will say I am getting better at cooking. I'm not as nervous and I come up with some good ideas for different concoctions to make. I make my first roast. It was super easy and DeliCious.

So after dinner and a great nap with Ry watching March Madness we decided to go feed the ducks at the park. It was great. This park is close to our house. We went exploring and found an entire little farm with chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, and or course lots of ducks and geese at the pond. The ducks kept hissing at us which freaked both of us out a bit. I kept trying to scare them and hit them with the bread. They didn't even flinch. Lame.

We threw all our bread and walked around the park. I hopped over big wood polls for the first time. You know how guys always plant their hands on fire hydrants and posts and such and hop over the top, well I've never done that until today. Actually very freeing. We also decided to chase ducks around. I really wanted to kick one. I think I was feeling a little violent tonight.... hm. But it was a good thing I was feeling this way because a big goose was beating up on a duck with a mo-hawlk. He was pinning the duck down and bitting his neck no joke. So Ry and I saved him. We were pleased but the young family walking by seemed a little hesitant. Ha ha but I know for a fact we saved a ducks life.

Ryley fed one out of his hands. He was kind of nervous but I don't blame him. They were hissing and their mouths and freaky.

There were signs everywhere saying "Please don't feed the animals," and Ry is feeding the goats bread. They were midget goats. It was really funny watching them try to reach their whole bodies out of the fence. Plus there was a slightly bigger midget goat who kept head butting all the others with his horns. If he wanted to he could have launched those little goats. I would have loved to see it.

Great night. Great company. Great weather. Great times.


Sean and Becky said...

Haha! I love all the pics. We miss you guys!

Ashley said...

This post was really funny. I laughed out loud about you wanting to kick the duck. haha. I am glad you keep up on your blogging, very entertaining. Also, the book you made is awesome! soo soo cool. That will be cool if Ry gets in over here, I didn't know he was applying. We could all party :)