"i am's, what are you?"

So I read this on my friend Whittney's blog, but I wanted to post it on mine instead of in her comments....

I am thinking.... I am super excited to be done with student teaching which means sleeping in, having the entire day to myself and maybe even going on a little excursion with my bff Ryley to California. (just checked the weather and it's supposed to rain there on Wednesday and Thursday so I'm not so sure what will happen.)

I am wearing.... My favorite Hudson skinny jeans, a black blouse, a bomber jacket, black wedges and also sporting pink hair from the "festival of colors" that we went to this last weekend.

I am creating.... lots and lots of resume packets including my philosophy of teaching, resume with my art on it, a picture of me, my license, and my letters of recommendation all clipped together to make a good impression on my future bosses. ALSO making a sweet "trees" for our house and learning how to make origami cranes to hang from it. I'm quite excited.

I am reading... NOTHING and HATING it! I finally have time and am horrible at picking out books. If anyone has read anything great lately please please let me in on the secret. oh I guess I'm reading cook books to further my knowledge of food and it's yumminess.

I am hoping... that Ryley and I get to go somewhere or do something fun this next week for our break. Also hoping I can find a job, that Ryely will get accepted to BYUH and we can live happily ever after on the beach.

I am hearing..... "beat it" by Michael Jackson on my pandora radio station.

around the house.... actually not too bad. 5 family and friends came up to crash at our place this weekend. Way fun but all the furniture is up against the wall and random things scattered everywhere. Probably won't clean it up for another 5 days....

On of my favorite things.... sunshine, laughter, falling asleep on Ryley, laying on the grass on a hot day, the feeling of being FREE!

My upcoming plans.... moving into an apartment with 2 bedrooms and making one of those rooms an art studio with an actual table (we're buying one off ksl today) with actual drawers and shelves and a work area to start getting serious about my art. We're planning on having an amazing summer filled with riding bikes (I want to start a bike gang if anyone wants to join) and camping and doing all the things I didn't get to do last year because of wedding plans. I just can't wait!

SO WHAT ARE YOU? Either fill out your survey in my comments or fill it out on your blog and let me know you make one on my comments.

Peace Out


DavidyAshley Bowen said...

did he apply? oh oh oh I hope you get to come back! miss you!

Julie M. said...

Loved this...will get to mine someday! I hear you're off to Hawaii for a trip! Awesome! Hope you're enjoying being done. Give us a call sometime!

Whittney and Ryan said...

i love bike gangs!!! where you living this summer?