Ugh. I've been working on student teaching stuff all night. It's the worst when you wake up and leave for work, come home to take a nap with your hot husband and all you can dream about is teaching, and then have to work on school stuff all night. I'm not even getting paid! (Even when I'm actually hired I'm still not really getting paid.... lame)

So I've been working on taking and editing pictures of projects my students have been doing. I kind of want to put them online because I have some very talented students, but I'm not sure if I'm really allowed to do so. I'll check into it. But one of the assignments I gave my drawing 2 students was to make a book. I did this because I LOVE to make books. It makes me so happy. A few of the books students made BLEW ME AWAY. Seriously so good. I made a book with them in class. I dedicated it to Ryley and my honeymoon. I love it. Making my new Honeymoon Love book reminded me of all the other books I've made. I pulled some out and looked and looked because it makes me smile. I have picture of one of the books I made last year in my book arts class. I thought I would share. And if any of you ever have the chance to take the book making class DO IT!


Madison Bradshaw said...

Chels... i love these books!! oh my goodness i might just have to come over and see all your books!! i am seriously in LOVE with them! do they take a long time? are they hard? could you show me?? wow love them!! you are soo creative! way to go!

Rae said...

Chels these books are so cute!!!!! Seriously I really love them. I wish I could see them all in person.
I love the photo of you jumping on the beach the best. :)