Photo Shoot

The other day we met our friend in Provo. She was just taking a random photo shoot. She took some pictures of us and they turned out great. Levi, Ryley's friend who just got back from the Ceskou Republiku was there and you can definitely tell where his mind is.

Yes my man loves lygers and that is why I love him.

So I think in my "I love" picture I had a stupid face. (big surprise) But she took a few other pictures of me that made me happy. And !YES! my hair is getting longer- sort of...

I wish I could take no smiling pictures better, but for some reason I always look pissed. I guess I'm just not model material.


Ashley said...

Love the yellow coat. Looks SO much better on you. Yay! These are some fun pics. Miss you guys.

Stephen and Jenaca said...

love the pics chelse. It was so fun seeing you on fri. I wish I could have eaten lunch with you but my stupid test got in the way. At least I saw you for a little bit :) i hope the teacher fair went good!