lofty goals

This weekend I was lucky enough to be enriched for 8 great hours.
I was uplifted and enriched and I will be honest,
I got a good little nap in there at one point.
Besides all that I did get a good date night/day in with R too.
There's always time for R...

Because I was so uplifted this weekend,
last night I decided to write down some weekly goals.
I tried to touch on all areas of my life.
Living a happy life is living a balanced life. Therefore I need work in all areas.
Some goals are a bit lofty for me.
Others I'm already doing,
but figured with the extra busy from the other goals I should put them in and keep up the good work.

I'm sharing my goals
1. to inspire any of you who feel like you need a life lift,
2. Mostly because I feel that if I share my goals with the world that I'll actually get er done!

1. Read scriptures + pray with R 6 times a week
2. At least 1 personal spiritual study time a week
3. Complete at least 1 project each week to turn our apartment into home
4. Do 1 creative thing a week [besides #3] This is for my sanity
5. cook 1 great meal a week [make enough for leftovers]
6. Plan 1 cheap + fun date each week
7. Exercise 4 times a week
8. Less tv! [disclaimer: it's so HARD not to cuddle up to R as he unwinds in front of the tv each night. I'm asking all of you what YOU do? Do you spent time with you hubby even when he is watching tv or do you just go do something else enlightening that you like? I can never decide what to do. Love my man and lay on the couch for a few hours or ditch your love and do something productive? help.

If you have read this post you deserve a treat. Which is exactly what you will get if you check out this random/amazingly funny video. R showed it to me and I laughed so hard. Can I just say it reminded me of me bro-in-law Hayden!


Rae said...

Hahaha. That is so your humor. I can just imagine you cracking up. You know me, if someone doesn't trip and fall down it's not funny to me. :)
Those are some lofty goals. I'm impressed!

McKenzie said...

HAHAHAH!!!!! that is so hayden!!! except Hayden would be like half naked on a buffalo! your goals sound way good and totally achievable! i believe in you!

todd said...

i really enjoyed your video. i can't get the guy on a buffalo out of my mind. i like your goals. you should add one to make a high school kid cry.