are you for reals?

Today was lame.
From Tuesday to Thursday
the weather dropped 40 degrees. 40!
Monday I wore shorts and sandals.
Today I wore 3 shirts and a leather jacket all day.
Boots are coming out.
Rainbows go to the shelf.
I'm looking forward to another 7 months of cold feet!

Don't get me wrong.
I'm not a winter hater.
I love snow and skiing and layers.
I do not however liked to be introduced so abruptly.
I guess I better embrace winter soon.


Jacqueline said...

ugh i feel you. i LOVE fall, and winter... is not so much right now.

Amber said...

I'm with ya! I hate being hit without me knowin' about it first!

Britt and Chad said...

Chelse, I found your blog! Sorry, I just saw Ryley as I was coming home from grocery shopping and he said you have a blog, hopefully you don't mind me reading it. I love your cute date night idea! Oh and I hope you two are coming to the ward Halloween party, Saturday at the church at 5:30. You should totally come.