Date Night

I put one of my goals to good use this past Saturday night.
R went off to the priesthood session for our church.
I told R I would have a surprise for him when he got home.
When he left I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do.
We just looked at movies and there were none we wanted to see.
We don't have friends here so that's out of the question.
I didn't feel liked getting dressed up so scratch going out.
I didn't want to be lame and watch a movie.
But watching a movie is a sweet tent is just plain awesome.

It ended up being such a fun night.
R's face lit up when he opened the door and saw our living room
transformed into an awesome tent with his favorite snack out and ready to eat.
Here is all you need.

1 bed sheet, 2 hockey sticks, 3 chairs
lots and lots of blankets and pillows

Pick your loves favorite snack foods you don't usually eat.
R has been dying for cheese curds so I peddled down to Smith's and snagged some.
I also made the most delicious brownies that somehow disappeared in 24 hours. Weird.
I have both of these yummy treats on my pinterest. Go check em out.

fresh mozzarella, yellow squeaky cheese, and fresh from the garden tomatoes.

I did add some heated massage oil and one of the movies R has been dying to see. It was good to run him down and spoil him a little. Usually I'm the one who is being spoiled and it was nice for both of us to be on the other end.

It was such a fun date. It's weird how a little tent can mix up the norm and make a movie and treats so exciting.


Rich and Jess said...

This is so cute! Love the idea.

Rae said...

You guys are so cute. I think you should have been waiting there for him in lingerie. Haha.
I can't remember who now, but there's a couple that makes a fort every year around their anniversary. There's a cool story explaining why it happened the first time, but now I don't remember that either....lame.
Those brownies look amazing.

Amber said...

I love it! So fun!

Allyx and Dan said...

so AWESOME. I love living room forts. Also those snackies look delicious and I now want to copy this exact date.

Miss you people.