His/Hers [art]

Today is the start of a new beginning of my blogging experience [let's see if it lasts]

This will give you all a little update on our personal dreams, aspirations, daily activities, and oddness.
Today [my day off... Glorious!] I was cleaning... and relaxing, but I was surrounded by our art. R just finished up yet another semester and is becoming more and more talented. It's a shame for it to go unseen. Thus the topic of today.


This is one of R's beautiful sisters, Branae.  R shot this picture with an old school camera to which I don't know the name but is massive and you have to put a black blanket over the top of you and the camera just like old times. 

This was the final project for R's graphic design class. He had to make a deck of cards + a box to fit them in. R chose to make his cards about 50 funny Tees.

On one side of the cards R put the picture of the shirt and on the back wrote funny tips on when to and when not to wear the shirts. Funny and talented.


Some of my latest creations I haven't yet shared.
One structured

And one loose.
Both make me happy


Rachael and Dan said...

my gosh you guys are so talented. both of you! great job.

Whittney and Ryan said...

love love love this post! keep it coming! you two are seriously just so talented!!!

Rae said...

You guys are so freaking talented I'm green with envy.

Brittany said...

love it all!!
okay chelse i have a little question for you...
i'm in the adv. black and white photography and a lot of my 'girl' friends are not here in town and i'm looking for models... i think you are gorgeous and was wondering if one of these times you'd be interested in modeling? i'm not sure when yet, but i was just trying to think of lovely ladies and you came to mind!
just let me know, thanks!!

Ashley Aikele said...

Love the new his/hers thing. You MUST keep it up. Its so fun to see all the creative work you an Ry are doing. LOVE it. You guys are too talented for words.

Brissa said...

wow. what a talented couple! you two are like creative super heroes. love the paintings and our mutual love for arrested development :)
can't wait to see more of these his/her posts.