Happy Easters

Happy Easter Sunday everyone. Today was such a beautiful day filled with breakfast in bed {thanks to my perfect husband R} finding hidden Easter baskets {which included 2 kites,new razors, yummy gum and my favoritest candies}, a very spiritual church meeting that left me feeling uplifted and happy, a wonderful dinner prepared by an even more wonderful mom-in-law, a bike ride/long board ride, and now a relaxing evening with my man.

On a completely different note, I was sifting through some of our pictures and came across this picture of R and me at our friend, Daniel's, birthday. Wow I can't believe my hair was that short! I'm still trying to grow it out 1.5 years later. Seeing this photo slightly makes me want to cut it again, but then I think of growing it out and think never again. Yea for being able to put my hair in ponytails again.

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Rae said...

Your hair looks cute no matter what but I'd definitely say don't cut it. About a year and a half after I cut mine and had been trying to grow it out, I decided to cut it again. I loved it for a bit but now I'm once again trying to grow it out and can't help but think about how it would be long if I hadn't cut it so short. I mean, I don't really regret it but I'm so impatient!!