crazy week

Finals week this week. But you say "why Chelse, you're not in school silly." Ahh yes I am not. But R is. And that means that during finals I am too. R has a million projects due in 3 days time. only 96 hours until all is due. It's going to be one crazy sleepless week. But do not worry. We are going to indulge ourselves for a week afterwards and it's going to start with the Bijou Market. I am so excited to attend and one day can only hope that I'm the one selling instead of buying.

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Laura Mumm said...

I am glad you enjoyed that video :) and Ya 30 Strangers will be going on all this month! are you coming down to Utah for the Bijou Market it sounds super cool I might have to come stop by too! Hopefully I will see you guys! also Hayden is going into the MTC this week isn't that so crazy!