Grateful Lady

Ok people besides my new his/hers post I've decided to take on I'm going to do another kind of post religiously [hopefully]. I am going to start doing a gratitude post a few times a week. Lately I've been a little sad and probably haven't had the best of attitude. Sometimes it's ok to be sad, but sometimes you need to cry your tears and then smile. I need to smile. I need help smiling sometimes. This is why I am going to start posting about what I am happy about in hopes that it will help me focus on the happy instead of the sad. Most of the time I hope to have pretty pictures attached because everyone knows people look at blogs to see pretty pictures and not to read a novel. Today no such luck. Sorry.

Here are a few happy highlights from the beginning of the week

1. Coming home from a 14 hour day of work with R starting my shower and while I'm soaking away cleaning our room, making our bed, and lighting yummy candles everywhere to "get me in a relaxing mood." It makes working so hard so much easier.

2. Having the entire day on Tuesday OFF work. That hasn't happened in a long time. It's crazy how much energy you have when you have happy things to do with no stress.

3. It's actually SUNNY outside today and about 40 degrees! That alone is cause for celebration.

What are some things you're grateful for? I dare you to add a gratitude post to your weekly blog list and post your link in my lovely thoughts so I can see and smile more.

ohhh ohhh oh  and I am grateful for happy art that is creative., simple, and brilliant such as this baby found here. What an awesome idea for a Save the Date.


Rae said...

Chels I love this, and I was not lying when I said you're one of the most positive people I know. I would not say you've been dealt an easy hand and you take on life with a better attitude than most. I love you. :)
Thanks for this post, I loved it. A while back I posted ten things every day that made me happy/grateful. Sometimes they were REALLY lame things, like I beat my high score on Doodle Jump. Or, I got a seat on the subway. I mean, seriously sometimes it was a stretch, but it not only made me grateful when I wrote the posts, it made me change the way I thought about things during the day. I looked for things I was grateful for, rather than focused on the things I was annoyed by. I really loved it.
Oh, and ps, Ryley was definitely trying to get you in a certain mood but I don't think it was that kind! :)

Whittney and Ryan said...

i love this post too, its a great idea. there is so much to be happy about but sometimes on bad days it totally helps to write it down and think of my blessings. days off are the best, i am so happy you had one!
i did one! and i am going to try it more!

Tyann and Aaron Boutilier said...

Hey Chelse, I love this post and LOVE the idea. I did one and hopefully I'll at least think about it more even if I don't always post it. Thanks friend!