tutorial... finally

I've been meaning to put this tutorial on my blog for about ever. Ever is finally here people.
If you remember some of my earlier posts I talked about printing on fabric in a way that looks very original. No two things will every turn out the same.

You may have looked at the book I made here

or the ugly sweater party invitations I made here
I made both these beauties with an easy transfer technique you all can learn now

First things first. You need to either use photoshop to create on image, or find one online. {here's a tricky side-note. If you are transferring words like I did with my invitation you need to open your text in photoshop go to image - image rotation - flip canvas horizontally. This will flip your words so when you're finished you can actually read what it says. This is also the same if you need to flip your picture}

Once you have your picture the way you want it go ahead and print. You need to print on a Laser printer. Ink Jet printers WILL NOT work. This is crucial people.

Here is my image of my bike print paper
I got a piece of material and flipped the bike print over on top of the fabric.

Next get your Acetone ready. {if you're transferring something large you can pick up this big jug at your hardware store for super cheap. You'll have to use q-tips to rub on the Acetone on your paper. An easier, but more expensive way I recommend is going to a craft store such as Porter's or Michaels and buying an Acetone marker that looks like this beauty. You have more control this way, but the markers run out much faster.}

Now take your Acetone and start tracing over your print. Make sure to push hard and go over each part a few times. You can always flip you paper and peek to make sure it's as dark as you want, but make sure to keep the same place. The acetone works fast so as soon as you cover an area you only have seconds to re-cover the area and make sure it's on as dark as you want.

*make sure you don't get Acetone all over your skin. It can be dangerous. If you aren't using the marker I suggest wearing gloves and keep it away from you kids.*

Once you're done pull off the paper and you've got yourself a transferred picture.

This will give you a very unique look, but it's not exact. Good luck. Have fun. If you try this on something let me know how it turned out.


Tyann and Aaron Boutilier said...

Oh my gosh, I had no idea you could use acetone for that! Thanks Chelse!

Anonymous said...

Cute! Can't wait to try it out!

Chantel said...

yaay i made these!
i dont remember exactly how i stumbled upon your blog..i think it might have been through mrs megan hobson...
anywho, i religiously stalk and you are very talented missy!

i made baby shower invites with your idea!