Asparagus on my mind

Asparagus you ask? Yes. It's Delicious and newly in my fridge which means we'll be having it for a week straight for dinner. Plus it's green just in time to wish you a happy St. Patty's!

As a little side note to green and leprechauns I'm feeling very sharey right now so maybe I'll just share a few randoms most people don't know.

I eat cinnamon toast every morning for breakfast. {it's because I crave sweets as soon as I get up and I don't feel too guilty if it's on wheat bread}

I have a phobia of walking over drain grates and man holes. Who knows when you're gonna fall in

The only time I like feet are when I'm in bed with R and he rubs his feet on mine as we fall asleep

I'm terrified to have kids

I try to dance naked around the house as much as possible. It keeps the heart free {and the husband happy}


Whittney and Ryan said...

haha love the randoms!

4 of these 5 things are true for me too one of them being I am also terrified of walking over man holes, and i thought i was the only one. this is good news for me that i am not the only one!

Rachael and Dan said...

hahaha chelse, you are awesome.
crazy crazy! i just bought me some asparagus the other day!
the man holes on campus are huge... no pun intended.

France is said...

i'm four for five here, but no cinnamon toast- i crave sweets constantly though. annnnd the last one has happened a LOT less since i've been pregnant- (it hurts to bounce around when your body is shifting into a bulbous large round thing) i like these!

Amber said...

How do you cook your asparagus?
I'd love to know. I think you should post it or please email me how you cook yours. Thanks!

kate said...

i really love asparagus, which is a lot coming from the most picky eater in the world (that's me)

haaaaaa, i love the last one. it's so true.

Che' and Amber said...

Love asparagus and LOVE the naked idea ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Chelse! You are so much fun thanks for talking to me so much yesterday I loved it I have really missed you! and now you have my blog :) and I love asparagus too, and dancing around the house naked... ha ha

Rae said...

I loooooove asparagus too!! Funny because I used to hate it. You know what's sad though? I've never made it myself so I also think you should post how you cook it, haha.
I don't mind feet at all, but there is nothing like rubbing feet in bed. :) Maybe I shouldn't say that because I'm single but.....I don't really care.
Why am I not surprised by the last one? You are so cute. :)