Nothing says Christmas like an ugly sweater

Remember when I posted my invitations to our Ugly Sweater Party? Well I have finally downloaded the pictures from the great event. It was so much fun. R and I are so lucky to have such great friends to party with in Rexburg.

Another shot of my amazing invitations. I did say I was going to do a tutorial on how I did it.... but it's the holidays and I just haven't had time. But I PROMISE that after the new year I'll get it done + also be a more exciting blogger again.

Here's me preparing some fabulous snacks for the event

Yummy yummy food + hot cocoa

Jeff + Sam
We're so happy they moved back to Rexburg and live 2 floors down

Levi + Laura rocking the turtle neck

Our favorite party member Mojo. Cutest dog ever.

They would be the "fancy Hampton's" being incredibly fancy with the matching sweaters + fancy expressions

The whole group
*All except Rachael + Dan who we still miss!*

Thank you everyone who came and shared the night with us.
Happy happy holidays.
Love R + C Shaum

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Rae said...

You guys are so cute. Love the photos at the bottom of you and Ry.