work horse

It has been a crazy 7 days. Turns out working 2 jobs every day gets old rediculously fast. There is a reason I haven't been blogging and today it goes like this.

7:00 alarm goes off Hit snooze until 7:30. Wake up. Fly through the shower, dress my little self up, kiss R goodbye, and run out the door at 8:10 flying to Madison High to teach art.

8:15-3:30 Work work work, but this is happy work. I actually enjoy this work. I am teaching graphic design, ceramics, watercolor, and yearbook. During the day I give demonstrations on how to paint and how to make pots. I try to help/motivate students. I boss students around and make them be quiet. I try to help 7 students at once with photoshop. It's great.

{during this time I do get 1.5 hours for a lunch break and prep hour in which I drive on home to see R and get some stuff done. Today I ate lunch and cleaned out entire apartment sweep mop dust toilet except for the dishes... I'm hoping R gets the message. I load the car with my work clothes for job numero dose[2] as well as a bin full of dirty laundry that I'm taking to my mother's since we have no such wonderful amenities in our shanty. I then race back to school for my last class.}

3:30-4:40 I fly out of school locking the door behind me. Jump in my car and drive 35 miles to Idaho Falls. First stop mom's. Load the laundry. Eat some of her candy. Change my clothes and leave for Carino's.

4:30-10 or later Now I am not a respected teacher, but a disrespected waitress. Here I paste on my fake smile and walk/run my butt off. I get by because I have some great friends I get to chat with during the night. Thank goodness for that! Since I am the closer I make sure all the other servers do their jobs, wait for everyone in the resturaunt to leave, and come back to R.

10:45 and on I will stop at mom's to throw my clothes in the dryer, get home and jump in the shower to rid my body of garlic, and find R. He might be at his families since his sister, Ashley, is up for a visit. If so I'll head over there and party as much as my body will let me. If not I will hopefully finish cleaning the kitchen. Before bed I must finish preparing for the next day of class because I spent my prep time cleaning my house. This invloves downloading/editing pictures and painting.

Finally I get to crawl into bed with R, get my feet rubbed by his feet. Get my arms hugged by his arms. Fall asleep.

I'm hopping next week will be less crazy


Rae said...

Ugh, that sounds like torture! But at the very least I bet you feel super accomplished AND you get some serious bragging rights.
R owes you his life you lil sugar momma you!

Jared Lund said...

Congrats on getting that teaching job! That is awesome!! You are so fun to be around I bet your students love you!

Ashley de Jong said...

Ok so I didn't realize I was on my husbands account! That was me, ashley Lund!

Ashley said...

AND you made a super cute bag. Go lady go! woot.

Rachael and Dan said...

holy moly girl! you are one busy mamma! i didn't know you worked at the hs, that is great. i sure miss you guys and hope all is well.

Rachael said...

I'm sorry it was so hectic now I feel bad like maybe I shouldn't have had Donna call you. Sorry :(

michelle said...

ah congrats! I had no idea you got a teaching job!!! So fun! Now why are you still working out Carino's you silly girl! You just love it to much right?

Whittney and Ryan said...

Oh my congrats on the art job!!! That is awesome!! Oh carinos carinos... don't miss it but miss you!