Shade under a DECADE

Turns out I really slacked with blogging for a while. But R and I had such a wonderful summer that I have a hard time passing up all the thousands of pictures we took. I've narrowed it down to a a few, but really it's only a glimpse into all the adventures we've had.

This post is about my wonderful trip to SF with my college favsRachel Hope and Becky Packard. It was seriously so much fun. It was my first girls trip since before I met R. We did a lot of sight seeing and ton ton TON of walking and even more laughing. Honestly it doesn't matter where I'm at with these girls I'm always going to have a great time. The first thing Rae and I did getting into the city waiting for Becky was walk down to a local cafe, grab a snickers and DP for breakfast and gab for an hour about random things. Loved it. These girls will always be in my heart and mind. I just hope this girls week continues every year.


Whittney and Ryan said...

aww how fun girls trips are the BEST! and in San Fran! How fun i have ALWAYS wanted to go there!

Sean and Becky said...

I can't believe this is the first time I've seen this post! I love the 'heart' picture, it's so cute..I don't think I have that one. Love and miss you!