Fall Frenzy

It's official:
Summer is left
Fall is here.
Bye bye summer filled with
1 trip to Hawaii
2 camping trips
3 vacations to CA (SF and OC)
4 trips to a clinical research clinic
5 million job applications
6 friends up on a longboard hill
7 days of the week full of sunshine and love!

Summer was amazing but the cold mornings and crisp air is helping me get excited for fall. I'm glad to be back at home with no big plans to leave for weeks at a time. School is in and it's time for me to bring out all of my many sweatshirts and cardis.

I'm getting excited for:
Long bike rides on my new beautiful bike.
(this one is not mine, though I dream one day it will)
this bike is named Poppy. I LOVE it! Compliments of adelineadeline

Indian + floral prints from Swell
I love the tall boots and light sophisticated vans like

Maybe after looking beautiful and riding bikes my R and I will cuddle up on the couch to watch FOOTBALL!

Goodbye Summer. I'll miss you..... kind of

1 comment:

Jules said...

OMG I love those Vans!! And yeah, I found your blog through Rachel's.