Dew Tour

This past weekend R and I went to the Dew Tour in SLC. One word. Amazing. Actually two more words not quite as happy. Crazy Lines! We hit up the amateur skaters first who were all younger than us. One kid was 13 and was ripping up stuff I could never dream of doing! After we waited in a long long line for the BMX finals. We were standing right by the final jump where they throw the biggest tricks. Seriously those guys are up in the air 20 feel. Competition was steep. So steep that the kid who threw a double backflip only managed to get 3rd. A 15 year old from Michigan took first.

Next we waited in an even longer line for the finals of pro skate park. I was so parched that while R went for seats I got water and almost didn't get to sit by him because security was ridiculous and wouldn't let me bak in forever, but I finally wooed them into letting me sit by my husband. here we watched amazing pros land trick after trick. Among them was P Rod, Ryan Skeckler, Greg Lutzka, and Chaz Ortiz. I had never heard of Chaz Ortiz who is 16 and prom Chicago, but turns out the young ones were rippen it today because he took first.

Good day.
Tiring day.
Glad to have gone.
Glad to be home.

R and I in front of the BMX jump. Just so you know we were there!

R took some amazing pictures of all the BMXrs

A picture of P Rod before security told R his camera was too nice and he couldn't take any more pictures. Lame.


Rachael and Dan said...

no way! we watched some of it on tv and it was awesome. i'm glad you guys got to go!
ps. are you wearing a shirt with a horse on it??? because i love it.

Whittney and Ryan said...

sweet!!! great pics as always!