Happy Weekend

I as so sad to say I accidentally deleted the photo of just R. He looked so darn good to.{sob sob} Great example of what happens when you ask a person walking by to take your photo. more sidewalk less temple

I hope everyone had a happy weekend!
We sure did. R and I have been wanting to visit the SLC temple
forever and we finally got that chance.
Can I just say that it exceeded all expectations.
Amazing. Beautiful. Spiritual. Just what I needed.
As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
I have always grown up with stories of the pioneers.
What they went through, what they sacrificed, their righteousness.
I have always appreciated them, but I never gave it a whole lot of thought.
I was taught that these great people built this temple by hand. Sacrificing everything.
I always knew their stories, but I never felt their stories.
Being in this temple this weekend I was overcome with amazement and gratitude
for these people. They didn't just build a building. They carved a masterpiece.
Being an art major all I could do was notice every tiny, intercut, detail that
was done all by hand. And why did they do it? They had never had a temple.
They had never experienced the blessings and the feelings that come
from a temple. They worked hours and hours. Days, months, and years
in complete faith that this is what they need to do. And they did it.
If it were me I wonder if I would have had that much faith. I hope I would,
but I'm not sure. I am just so grateful that they did.
Their faith blesses my life every day.


Whittney and Ryan said...

How cute do you look! I love this post :)

Rae said...

You are so cute. Great post. Made me tear up a bit.
Ugh, don't you hate when people can't take a photo? I always look for people carrying around an SLR because I know they'll take a good picture. I'm sure you do the same.