date night

R and I had a much needed date night.
I loaded up on pills [I'm STILL sick, going on my 3rd week]
We grabbed some Chinese food from Golden Jade
And headed to a hockey game.

This was one intense game! 3 times the players threw off their gloves and punch it out. For those of you non hockey watchers, if the players throw off their gloves the refs don't even get in the way. It's basically saying whatever can happen and until someone is on the ice you keep going. CRAZY. We were there 2 hours and it felt like 30 minutes. Ladies, I'm going to throw this thought your way. Valentine's Day is coming up. If you're like me you NEVER know what to get your love. Valentine's is such a girly day and it's hard to find a present that isn't covered in pink and lace. So why not take your guy on a manly date? Go to a sports event, a band they like, or even just an action movie. I guarantee they will love you forever.

I hope you all are loving the weekend. Do something fun. [if you have no ideas the Bronco's are playing tonight. It's going to be intense!]


Rachael said...

I love it!

Julie M. said...

Fun! I love a good hockey game. Glad you had a good date night!

Rae said...

Your hair is SO LONG! It's like 18 year old Chelse. :)
Sounds like a fun night.
PS How boring was the Broncos game? Womp womp.