Picture perfect?

Today was a sucky day. There, I said it. When I look on other people's blogs, or fb, or creepily watch others from a distance I feel like there lives are so great and happy and perfect, and I think hmmmmm I'm a little depressed. Don't get me wrong, I have a pretty great life. Great enough that I'm sure people envy me. ahhhem, ok maybe not, but my life is great. I have an amazing husband who still gives me the chills after a year and a half. I have amazing friends that make me laugh. I have a pretty house and I get the opportunity to make pretty things even now and then. But let me just say that other things aren't so glamorous like maybe being a college graduate waitress. Working 2 jobs to pay the rent and blah blah blah. I could talk for a while about the sucky things in my life, especially tonight. (*Allyx and Whittney would probably understand) But I want to focus on more happy things so I don't get more down. Instead I'm going to write a grateful/funny list of things that are going good. Please add to the list with happy things from your day!

1. Our Christmas tree is decorated and so HAPPY in our house.
2. Even better then a pretty Christmas tree is that it literally takes up our entire dining area and part of our living room.
3. I slept in with my honey until 9:45 am.
4. I worked out. (running stairs + circuit training) Hopefully getting rid of some of that Thanksgiving fat.
5. Getting out Christmas decorations
6. Catching up with a good friend
7. R drawing me a hot bath after a terrible day/night of work.
8. Not wrecking in all the snow.
9. Having it snow like crazy out. So beautiful.
10. My new beautiful grey Pottery Barn curtains!
11. Season passes at Targhee!


Dane & McCall said...

What are you talking about? Waitressing after being a college grad is the COOL thing to do! It's only cause we are stuck in Rexburg...or at least that is what I tell myself.

Rae said...

If it makes you feel any better, I always envy you when you write about your marriage. Yes, being single has definite perks, but I'm sure if you asked any single (LDS) girl over the age of 24 or so if she envies the fact that you are always with your best friend, always have a date to functions, and never have to spend nights alone (or if you do, you know it's just temporary) they would say yes.
The grass is definitely always greener.

But since you asked, happy things from my day today:
It was pay day!
I got Chipotle with a friend and it was SO delicious.
There was some good gossip at work. :)
I came home to a clean apartment. (No roommates! Yeah!)
I have friends like you!!

I love you Chels!

Whittney and Ryan said...

Oh i understand far to well, i don't even have the excuse of being stuck in Rexburg (although this place may have even less job opportunities).

anyways, i think you are awesome!