Christmas Tree Hunting

We have a Christmas tree. YEA! It's tradition in my family to go tree hunting the day after Thanksgiving. This year was a crazy adventure since the snow was up to R's belly button at least and sometimes it was up to his neck. No joke people. Can you imagine hiking up a mountain, sawing down a tree, and dragging it back with snow up to your pits? Yes R is amazing and I LOVE him so much for getting us a beauty.
*Disclaimer* I was all ready to go with him, but there was no where to pull our truck off the road due to the obscene amount of snow so I had to drive up and down the canyon until they came to the road. Pretty lame and boring but someone's got to have the easy lame job.

Check out our cutten' tools
R standing by the prize. Ours is the one on the right
Me and my Love


Rachael and Dan said...

you guys are so cute! i'm still jealous about targhee! how is it so far this season??

Rae said...

Such cute photos. Your hair is getting long!

chelse said...

it's way good up there. There's already tons of snow. It'll be fun, but I'm sad because not very many people have passes.... oh wellÄ