I hate myself for not posting any more Hawaii pictures yet. These are a few that we took through the lens of our Seagull with a digital. I think the lens makes everything look so beautiful. I'm excited to get the film developed and see the surprises.

This was my first attempt with Ryley. I didn't get his face light enough but I still really like it.

Ryley's shot of me. Better than mine

Glorified Ashley Flake's bike.

The view of the ocean from the canal house

We had to get a classic shot from sunset beach for Ry's first Hawaii experience.


Whittney and Ryan said...

love the pics! so jealous you went to hawaii and so excited to see the rest of the pictures!!! and your back in idaho?!?!

Collette said...

Oh wow Hawaii looks amazing! ... so i blog stock you all the time - hope you don't mind. Check ours out collyle.blogspot.com :) It was good seeing you guys at the wedding!

Rae said...

Love that last photo. So awesome. And your hair is totally growing!