Happy Birthday R

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Dedicated to R

R had his 25th birthday last Saturday. Crazy. It was a good day, well besides the crazy amount of snow that fell... The festivities really started at midnight when Ryley and Dusty went bridge jumping in a ridiculously freezing river. After we went to Dusty's house and played rock band well into the morning. After which we took a trip to the Idaho Falls Denny's because R got a free meal. Good times. We crawled into bed around 6:30 am. This made soccer practice at noon a little hard, but some how we made it.
Next on the list R opened his presents from me. He got some shoes, a plaid shirt, and hockey skates! I'm so grateful he liked them and I seemed to buy a good pair. (still a little nervous with our fiasco on Christmas) We were going to have a bbq in the park,but with the shady weather we went to his parents house so we could eat inside. We played a few games with our friends and family and then rocked some hamburgers.
After lunch I brought out the pinnate, which took me FOREVER to make. It was supposed to look like R. Can you see the resemblance? Well it didn't go quite as planned because it was lightly snowing when we took it outside and R decapitated it on his first hit. Oh well.
The day didn't end there. R blew out the candles on his mustache cupcakes. We took off and all went long boarding. Then to end the night we all went swimming until we were exhausted. Such a good birthday. You deserve it R! I love love love you!

Ryley, you are my best friend. I love you so much. I can't wait to celebrate every birthday with you forever!


Ashley said...

oh my gosh that pinata is amazing! So cool! haha. Can you make some for my wedding?... jk.
Looks like the perfect birthday. Sad that we missed it!

Danny & Branae Porter said...

chels you are awesome! Way to go! That was like the most perfect Birthday ever...you are such a great wife! Way to go on the pinata! love it.... Happy Bday Brother you are amazing! love ya

Brooke said...

I'm glad it was good. I'm sorry we didn't get to sing to him! When Mom called, she got off so fast, we figured you were out and busy, which it sounds like you were!

Hopefully we'll see you soon.

Madison Bradshaw said...

how fun! i wish i could have come up to rexburg for his birthday! Im glad it was such a fun day of events and its true... rye you DEFINITELY desere it! you are amazing!

McKenzie said...

Hey Chelse! Haha I found your blog. Ill tell you the story sometime. I totally stole a picture off it too. hahaa oh dear. But this was a great party!