Work wOrk woRk worK

I've been job searching.


.I've traved 7 hours to find out I didn't get the job
.I've sat for 1.5 hours to have a 12 minute interview for a position 50+ are interviewing for
.The only art job I've applied for hasn't even called me back because I missed their "secret" job fair
.Last but definitely not least. I had an interview to for a bank custodial job. They asked me to explain to them why I thought I was qualified for the position. hmmmm I do have a 4 year degree and I was trusted with 200+ students and their learning, but why does that make me qualified to sweep floors and dust desks? It was super depressing and degrading. Is this really the kind of job I get blessed with in Rexburg for 4 YEARS of school.
I think I'm no very happy.....


Sean and Becky said...

It does blow! I totally know how you feel, but I hope something comes up for you soon. Love/miss you!

Ashley said...

If it makes you feel any better I felt the same way here in Hawaii. But don't worry things get better. Something will work out, promise :)