Blast from the past

One of my favorite persons found this old photo and shared it with me. ha ha What can I really say except there's no time like your first few years of college. Living life fully every day. Making unbreakable friendships, and of course posing sexily on a slip-n-slide in front of the entire apartment complex. I could really use a day like this again. Friends, please come back!


Date of Perfection

I have the recipe for the best date and no, it isn't dinner, a movie, and a cupcake. It's way more exciting than that.

It starts with snowboarding with just R + me. *oh so fun!*
Next we drive to beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming to meet some friends.
We eat. We walk. We look at art. We look at sexy man undies in the store window,ya know, the usual.
Then we end the night at a hockey game full of beer, blood, and intensity. Mix in Mckenzie giving the crowd a little half-time dance (she should have beat that 8 year old!) and you've got yourself a good time.
I love R for always having exciting ideas and dates and not just eating dinner and cupcakes every Friday night.

Goodbye for now. Best wishes for all your weekend dates


dreaming of SunShie

Oh the wind is so bitter cold today! I swear it's warm everywhere but here. I am in desperate need of some warmth and since I can't get it outside I'm looking elsewhere via magazines and websites. I'm dreaming of the day when I can walk outside in a swimsuit and dress and be WARM! See you in 3 months summer!

Can I just say I am in lust and love with this sundress? It's amazing and beautiful and I want one!.... I could also take that olive green suit and maybe the body that's wearing it too.

oh what do you do in the winter time

Today was my sweet day off. And you know what I did... lots of happy things. I'll tell you all about it.

I woke up to the sunshine falling on my pillow with no alarm. I rolled over to see the time. 9:30. Right when I decided to get up and going R came home from class and slid back in bed. I couldn't leave then. We lazily laid and slept for another hour. I then tried to get up, but R wouldn't let me. I didn't mind. It felt wonderful to just lay and talk and laugh. We finally got up andR went back to class and I started to paint. I finished my long over due painting that I've been working on. If feels wonderful. It's a little winter wonderland for chilly February. Let me know what you think of it.

As soon as I got done R came home again. Yea. I'm so lucky. I decided to forego my insanity workout and get dressed and go out with my man. Ryley gave me a Holga camera for Love Day and I've been itching to go shoot some film. There's something more exciting about film cameras. I love the wonder and excitement to see what you're pictures will turn out like. We drove around Rexburg. It was sunny which made my heart smile, but because it is Rexburg the wind killed the warmth and made my fingers ache. Thank goodness for car heaters!
for those of you wondering a Holga is a plastic camera that gives off a very different look then regular cameras. Hopefully I'll get some film developed and posted to show examples

I then went to drop off R at school once again, and I headed around Rexburg. I stopped at a little boutique which just moved it. It's actually really cute but way to expensive for me buying trendy clothes, but it was fun to look. Next I went to the Cocca Bean, a wonderful cupcake shop, to buy cupcakes for my dear mother because it is her birthday today. Happy birthday my favorite woman! Lastly I had to stop in at Porter's to check out art supplies. I finally decided to go for it and but this HUGE canvas I've had my eye on for months. It's a 50x50 inch canvas which is so big I couldn't even fit it in my car. We're going to have to get a truck. AHHHHh I'm so excited to see what will end up on it.

And now I'm home. I have about an hour before I pick R up from school. He's coming home early because his little brother, Hayden, is going through the temple for the first time. We are so excited for him! I've been thinking about it all day and remember the day I went through the temple for the first time. I was so nervous but my heart has never been so full. It is going to be such a great experience and I'm so grateful that I am a part of this family and get to be there with him.

All in all a pretty good day. I hope you all had a good one as well.


I've spent my last hour stalking other people's lives through their blogs. Some about home decor, some fashion, some telling long and funny and frustrating stories about their lives. It makes me feel connected to people in a way. Connected to people I don't even know. It's comforting. But another part of me gets done and thinks to myself, "Chelse. What are you doing with your life. What could you possible blog about? Could you ever write more then a paragraph in your blog and have it come out slightly interesting?" I feel like that answer might be no. But guess what, I'm going to try to do it anyways. I want to because I want to prove to myself that I am happy and that I have hobbies and that I matter.

Sometimes I get so caught up in what I HAVE TO get done such as my dumb job, paying bills, making dinner, cleaning the house, running errands and blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong. I save time to blog and to do art and to see R and sometimes friends too. I do enjoy my life, but I think I could do a better job. Sometimes, well most times I end my day thinking "If I wrote or told anyone about my day today they would fall asleep of boredom." That's never a good feeling. This is why I'm going to try to be so good at actually writing about ME and what I'm doing and what I'm feeling instead of Hey look at these cute shoes. It's more for me so don't feel obligated to read. And because this night has turned a bit sour I'm going to write about 5 things happy...

1. I don't have to work tomorrow!
2. I went to a play called Doubt this evening. Our friend Seve was the main man and did an amazing job.
3. I got to catch up with my newly prego friend Jules, Seve's wife, at the play. She's someone I've really come to love and is one of the most real people I've met.
4. I had time to work out today doing Insanity which believe me is definitely insane, but is showing me the results I want.
5. As soon as I'm done with this post I'm going to change into my favorite big men pjs, get a HUGE bowl of ice cream (with chocolate sauce) and watch the late show or start my new book or just lay and do nothing because I deserve that every now and then.

school plays

Tonight we had the pleasure of going to a play starring our very own Seve Isaacs in Doubt. It was very well done and Seve's skills, as well as his fantastic mustache, kept me captivated the entire night.

I will have to say one good thing about living in this freezing college town are the cheap tickets to good entertainment provided by BYU Idaho. This weekend Raw Moves (a dance company) is coming to preform The Story of Eight and I'm am doing everything I can to get out of work and get myself a seat front and center.

Favorite summer shoes

Hippie love part uno

top: change purse Swell, jacket Emerson Made
bottom: all Swell


Lovin that vintage look

My research on the 2011 Spring Fashion is in and you all need to get ready to run around barefoot, braiding those long locks, and getting in the mood to burn your bra. We are going natural/hippy.
And I just can't wait.
The next few posts I'll be doing will be on that wonderful new look that I just can't get enough of. (I can't decide if I like looking at all the new clothes because they're beautiful or because they're taken in the sunshine at the beach and I am CRAVING them both.)

If I had my long hair back I would definitely be incorporating these braids into my life. Hopefully some will still work on me.


Happy Love Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
Feeling the extra love of today I thought what better thing to show then an a video showing enough love to make ya jealous.
I'm so lucky to be with this guy forever.


Goodbye 307 Hello 28

Yes we moved. Almost 3 weeks ago.
But I just got the internet to blog about it.
We didn't move very far. To be precise, about .8 miles away.
Maybe next move will be farther.
(cross your lil fingers for me)

*Things I miss about 307*
Our bright sunny windows that brightened our entire space
A kitchen that gave me a perfect view of R + tv
The amazing friends that lived next door
The church we went to... I really miss that

*What I Love about 28*
R is here with me
We have room for a dining table! (no more coffee table dinners!)
4 beautiful closets
Our bigger bedroom.
Our wonderfully amazingly cheap rent!
Yes I love our 60s kitchen too. Some day some time I'll get this place fixed up and take some glam shots for all to see. But for now I'm off to cuddle and chill with R, my favorite Saturday past time.

Alphabet Soup

Well it might not be soup, but it is an alphabet.
It's just another one of R's graphic design projects
something that we see a lot of these days
projects projects and more projects.



I'm back. And guess what? A photo of R and me is on the
NeiNei Dialogues
She's really highlighting our photographer and amazing artist Justin Hackworth, but I don't care. It's a picture of me isn't it? Go check it out! My sis-in-law Ashly is also on the photo. We're just an amazing family, or we know amazing people. One or the other...

I'm back. And guess what? A photo of R and me is on the
NeiNei Dialogues
She's really highlighting our photographer and amazing artist Justin Hackworth, but I don't care. It's a picture of me isn't it? Go check it out!


moving moving moving

Ok all you readers of mine that I'm hoping exist. I'm not dead or dying or stopping blogging. We just moved. No we did not move somewhere warm or exotic or even by the ocean. We just moved down the street to a slightly older and cheaper apartment. One day soon we will have to internet up and running and my life will once again be fulfilled. So keep checking my blog and one day soon you lives will once be fulfilled again soon. Ha ya right like my blog could be the reason to live, but you might find some pretty things... which is always a happy thing.