Date of Perfection

I have the recipe for the best date and no, it isn't dinner, a movie, and a cupcake. It's way more exciting than that.

It starts with snowboarding with just R + me. *oh so fun!*
Next we drive to beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming to meet some friends.
We eat. We walk. We look at art. We look at sexy man undies in the store window,ya know, the usual.
Then we end the night at a hockey game full of beer, blood, and intensity. Mix in Mckenzie giving the crowd a little half-time dance (she should have beat that 8 year old!) and you've got yourself a good time.
I love R for always having exciting ideas and dates and not just eating dinner and cupcakes every Friday night.

Goodbye for now. Best wishes for all your weekend dates


Rae said...

Your hair is so long! Also, it makes me super jealous to see you having so much fun with friends. I wish it was me!!!

Amy Berry said...

Can I just say the picture of Kenzie and you holding me is too funny! I look like a child! I LOVE it! I need to get these pictures from you sometime. We had a good time... even if Daniel didn't come across that way!

chelse said...

I know I love that picture of us too. It looks like you're leaning into kenzi for a kiss! We are so glad you came and I know you guys had fun. Sometimes Daniel is hard to read but don't worry about it. We don't get offended :) we need to get together again

Whittney and Ryan said...

you look adorable! seeing those boarding pictures hurts my heart, i miss it to much!

Rachael and Dan said...

haha i agree with amy! i LOOOOVE the pictures! miss you guys!!