Homemade + Thrift

My end table with everything on it cost me around 25 beautiful dollars. I found the gold birds in the glass case (where all the most valuable items are locked) at DI and fell in love. R found the vintage camera in the case as well and couldn't resist either. With a $5 vase and some grey spray paint on branches I was able to make the rest.

Making a tree is super easy. All you need is
1. good looking branches
2. spray paint of your choice
3. dirt to plant and also rocks or gems to cover dirt on top
3. paper to make origami or go to Ikea to grab some pre-made
So simple. So perfect.
Aren't these birds just perfect?


Rachael and Dan said...

youre so crafty chelse my dear!

Amber said...

Cute! Cute!

Madison Bradshaw said...

so fun chels!! love the ideas! did you make the paper stars?

Whittney and Ryan said...

i love those birds i love the birds i want those birds! oh and i going to make that tree thing! i just love your whole end table!