Vintage Suitcase

I couldn't resist posting again so soon. R just took these pictures tonight of my next thrifty buy, and he did an AMAZING job. We were literally sprinting up a dirt road and barely making it up a huge hill in time to catch the last rays of sun. In about 5 minutes R managed to get about 8 really great shots. These 2 being a few of my favs. This find of a luggage was $2 and I think will look so amazing draped in my hand at the airport. I can't even wait to travel with it! And the perfect thing about it is that it's small enough that I could still use it as a cary-on and not have to pay the extra baggage fee. This will look so much better on me than my old dance team duffle bag.


Rachael and Dan said...

you two and your deals!

Whittney and Ryan said...

LOVE the suitcase, i heart your d.i. finds, keep posting them :)

Ashley said...

Good find! And good pics Ry, love it!