I woke up slightly sad today. (Which by the way is the worst thing in the world, to wake up sad) It's because my favorite Rachael Adair and her husband Dan moved away from us to Ohio for dental school. I haven't known her for that long, but somehow I feel like I've known he forever. I wasn't too happy about moving back to Rexburg this summer, but Rachael and a few other girls have made me feel so blessed to be living here right now. It definitely isn't where you live, but who you live with.

I'm so excited for Rachael and Dan and that they're moving on and doing what they want to do. I hope there's a good long boarding hill in Ohio, but I do know that our hill is going to feel a little empty

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Rachael and Dan said...

we miss all you guys! thanks for all the fun times in rexburg- seriously. its hard to find such good friends, but we had them all in rexburg. we are excited to come visit! you are a GREAT friend chelse. love you!