Bear Lake numero uno

We FINALLY got a chance to go to Bear Lake. My brother, his wife, and their 4 adorable kids drove up from St. Louis to visit.

Before all the kids were ready to go R and I hiked up to Bloomington Lake. R hasn't gotten the tour yet and I figured it was about time he did.

We did a little cliff jumping

We were getting ready to leave and R decided he wanted to try to rope swing. We waited in turn (there was a young women camp up there). One of the priesthood leaders was an idiot and decided to climb up in the tree and jump. Bad idea. the rope got caught on the branches and stopped swinging forward. The guy fell in about a foot of water and broke his leg. We were all watching/groaning in horror watching the entire event. I got scared and yelped "Oh Sh*t" rather loudly, in front of the entire young women's. Yup it was awkward. We left in a hurry but definitely got some forest rangers to make sure he was fine and could make it out of there.

After we met the family at the lake. Love love love my family and the lake

My beautiful mom who would freak if she knew her picture was on my blog.

My adorable niece Gabbie. She is a girly princess who is always dancing around on her tip toes

R started building us a sand castle mansion. I want to move in. He made the amazing walls and I helped decorate. One day I will live in a castle of shells.
One day...

To a wonderful day at the beach
I love you
I miss you
See you soon!


Madison Bradshaw said...

hahha i love that you yelled that at the rope swing.. i can totally see you doing that! :)

Whittney and Ryan said...

you are GORGEOUS!!! cute cute pics, looks like fun! I MISS YOU!!!

Brooke said...

Oh fun! Except not the broken leg part, yuck. I wish we could have joined you at the lake.

Rachael and Dan said...

oh sh*t! hahaha!!!