Memorial Weekend

I was waiting for to get more pics before I posted, but I'm just to lazy to get them all out. Over Memorial day a bunch of us went camping up by Grand Targee. Besides the snow in our camp ground and the 32 degree weather at night it was good times. Mostly our time was spent sitting by the fire, or if you're me sitting on the fire, chatting away.

The next day we all took our long boards and road down the Targee road. Everyone besides me is amazing. I'm a first timer and was really nervous. Ryley was super sweet and stayed with me the whole time helping me practice sliding and making me go faster than I really wanted to. I learned tons and it was actually way fun. I wish I had a picture of my pants because they are seriously shredded. Gone. Guess I'll be buying some patches and duct tape soon... sorry pants, but it was worth it!


McKenzie said...

hahahahaha!i LOVE this picture! and can i just say that youre getting good really really fast! dude it took me a year to slide! im really excited for you to get the duct tape pants goin!

McKenzie said...

p.s. tomorrow is mine and dan's b-day, you guys should come play with us! (480)284-9572 text me!

Rachael and Dan said...

i loved this trip so much!