His & Hers

At this very moment in time I am sitting in the basement of the spori (the art building at BYU Idaho) playing on the computer while R frantically tries to get his homework done. For a lack of anything else to do I will fill you in on our lovely lives.


*R is crazy with school. He's getting into his graphic and photography major now and has lots on his plate. He's doing good so far and hopefully won't get too burnt out before the semester comes to an end.
* R got a new pair of Madix jeans in the mail. Thank you Whiskey Militia for your generous deals.
* While I was in Bear Lake with my mum R got to have a little R&R with his guys which consisted of going out to eat and lots of rock band. It was good for him, but not much accomplished.
* R is in love with his new phone and the sweet application that will let him download any song for FREE! I love this 2 since I now have the new Jack Johnson cd to listen to and memorize.
* R is looking very attractive in his sweats and wolf shirt. I'll make him howl later tonight....
* what Ry wishes he could do all day is long board. We've always liked to mess around but he's become obsessed, in a good way, and wishes he could skate all day. I wish he could too.


* I started working back at Carino's since the finding a teaching job is nearly impossible. I was super sad, but thanks to all my friends there it hasn't been too bad of a transition. Thanks u all.
* I'm working on different projects, painting pictures, making books, fixing up old furniture and LOVING all the creativity time. I'm hoping to get my one big idea that takes off and makes me *RICH*
* for the time being I'm trying to get a booth at the Rexburg Farmers Market to sell my art for way to cheap, but would still be exciting to sell.
* I went back to my parents house with my mom in Bear Lake to help with yard work for the day/night. It was so peaceful and nice. I wish I could live there all summer.
* I bought some True Religion jeans from China... for $20. I'm not a huge fan of the jeans, but couldn't pass up the opportunity. I can't wait to see how terrible or wonderful they look. I'll keep you posted.
* R and I just got back from San Francisco. It was amazing. post coming soon I promise.


DavidyAshley Bowen said...

where can i get me some cheap jeans!! ?
will you be in cali any time this summer?? we are going mid july

chelse said...

When I get them I'll let you know if they're worth it and give you the details! We're coming the end of August to Newport. Will you still be around? I hope hope hope so