I'm back

Piha Beach Auckland, New Zealand

I'm back to the world of America, family, computers, cell phones, craziness, and life.
The past month has been one beautiful journey.
Since I've been away I've had the opportunity to:

* Rendezvous to Florida to meet up with worlds best college/life friends Becky + Rachel
* Take a vacation of a life time with my favorite person in the world, aka Ryley to beautiful New Zealand
* Visit sunny Southern Califiornia with beaches, waves, and the cutest nephews in the world
* Spend the 4th of July celebrating America, life, and family in America with family and saying goodbye to the wonderful life of my grandma Nina. {I love you}
* Visiting the one place on earth that makes my whole being fill with love and relaxation, Paris, Idaho

Looking back on all that has happened since June 1st I almost can't believe it was real. It seems more like a dream that I had a long while ago. It took me an entire week to recuperate from the traveling and the 5 time zones I crossed in those 30 days. I will be trying to recapture all of our adventures over the next few weeks. We have pictures and stories enough to fill 10 albums. However, we will be staying in Paris where I have very limited cell service and zero internet which makes things a bit more tricky. Be patient, enjoy your summer days, and keep checking for updates.

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Rae said...

I didn't realize your grandma passed away Chels, so sorry!! :(