Something too good to pass up

I figured since I have had such a streak of being a terrible blogger I should just keep it up,
but this is just too good NOT to blog about.
My man is a big bad college graduate.
[not officially until Friday at 7 o'clock]
Here's how it all went down...
Wife had BIG FAT HUGE surprise for husband.
Wife is really really bad at keeping surprises actual surprises.
Wife FINALLY gets to surprise husband on Tuesday.
They drive and drive and stop at the DI. [just a quickey]
They drive and drive and drive
and stop to eat at a little diner. Amazing scones. Amazing.
Husband eats and eats and eats. Wife is amazed at where
her thin husband is putting it all. [Is it going in his pockets?]
Wife give husband a little wrapped box.
Usually wife gets tiny wrapped boxes.
Husband opens up present like a little girl... or an old grandma, can't decide.
Husband's face lights up.
Husband gets concert tickets to favorite band Cake.
Husband LOVES loves loves wife.
They drive and drive and drive.
They are so happy listening to happy music.
Husband + wife love Cake.
Cake loves husband + wife.
[Wife wishes she had cake to eat}
Life is happy


Rae said...

I quicky eh? ;)

LindsayNicole said...

LOVE this post! And LOVE your hair!! Its getting so long I love it!

Rachael and Dan said...

i want to eat cake.