Missing my Luscious Locks

I'm having long hair withdrawals.
I know my hair hasn't been long for a year now....
but I'm to that really awkward stage
and it's driving me

I think I have at least another year to go.

Guess what. It was lots shorter than this, but I didn't have any good pictures. This is grown out pixie.

Thank you Justin Hackworth for your great talent.


Baby it's cold outside

R and I tried to go snowboarding today for Thanksgiving break, but the road were closed. Yes we are living in a blizzard in November! So since I can't party to R on the hill, I decided to make this a day for making this beautiful book I found here. Can't go wrong with a snow day!



I have recently decided that I have a crush on ruffles.
Urban Outfitters has helped me come to this conclusion.

Ok clearly this one doesn't have ruffles, but it was too great to pass by.

Part 3

This is a shout out to Ashley and Mckenzie for the birthday gifts. Ashley sent me these sweet yellow tights (it's hard to see in this light and angle, but they're great, trust me). And thank you Mckenzie for the owl necklace.
I love them both
But I love you both more.

Part 2

My husband, Ryley, knows how to make you feel like a million bucks on your birthday. First, I wake up in the morning to R singing me happy birthday while carrying in a gourmet breakfast in bed which included stuffed french toast, bacon, hash-browns, oj, and chocolate milk. Yum.

After school and work R took me to get my favorite food in Rexburg, a Millhallow turkey bacon sandwich. Some of you might think it's weird getting a sandwich for your bday dinner, but that's because you haven't tasted these juicy delicious Millhallow sandwiches.

And last, R blindfolded me and took me into a room full of all my favorite people and threw me a surprise pool party.He made me a beautiful 5 layered cake all by himself. He bought me a beautiful leather jacket that I've been drooling over forever. But mostly he made me feel like the happiest and most loved girl in the world.

Thank you everyone who came and spent the day with me. This goes down as best birthday ever.

Birthday Pool Party

Yes. My husband threw me a pool party for my birthday. Yes. My husband is the greatest. Yea. It was so much fun. And YES. We wish you were all there.

More coming soon...


Oh I can't wait

We did it. R and I decided to get season passes to Targhee Resort, and we are so excited! I can't wait to spend my weekend outside instead of cooped up in our apartment eating more junk food watching tv. (what I may or may not be doing this week.) Winter come. I don't even care anymore.


Babies babies babies

Back to my high school roots. It's crazy! 5 of my high school girl friends are pregnant! Lacey and I threw a little baby shower for them in a cabin on Bear Lake. It was so much fun getting back together with all of them since it's pretty impossible to all be together anymore.

The cup cakes looked amazing thanks to Leslie and Lynn

All 4 cute tummies

I wonder where we will all be in another 7 years...


The other weekend Ry + me + our friends went to my home town Paris, Idaho for a visit. It was so good to be home. There's something about the comforting lazy feeling of being home that makes it like no other place. We went on a little hike up Paris canyon. Don't worry, we all ended up in the river and freezing.


Birthday Wishing

It's getting close to my birthday again and I am just day dreaming of all the beautiful things I would love to have. Really if I could have Anthropologie dress me every day I would be the happiest girl in the world.

I want want want some colored tights, but am nervous to take the plunge. Do you think I could pull it off?

Oh this would look so good on my wrist!

love the color

I am loving the soft colors and patterns of Agnes Martin's prints. Wouldn't they look wonderful on my wall? They're so dreamy... making me think of warm summer days.


Travel Case

This has been my most recent project, a beautiful travel case I picked up at thrift store Deseret Industries. I got it for a whopping $2. It needed a little work. I had to completely gut the inside, cut new card board, re-fabric, and put it back together. Luckily I had some fabric laying around that worked perfect. I covered the inside with a dark, almost pea green and a grey. I then covered the center attachment piece in lace to add a little something. Next I cleaned up the outside with lots of soap + water and added a nice patch for the finishing touch. Now I just need to decide if it's a travel case or my new sewing case. Either way I'm in love.

Lace Cardi

I went to Downeast Outfitters the other day and fell in love with a lace cardigan. The only problem was that it was $34. I decided to make my own instead. All I did was round up some of my old lace ribbon and sew it to the front. I wish I had a picture of me wearing it because it actually looks really cute. Plus, if I ever get sick of it I can just undo my seems super easy. Great $5 fashion.


October is Gone

HHalloween was a success this year thanks to great friends, sweet costumes, delicious food, and a murder mystery.

Amy + Daniel
Scott Pilgrim VS the World
I'm in LOVE with Amy's pink hair. She could dye her real hair pink and could pull it off!

Seve + Jules
Wayne's World
Absolutely loved it. Seve had the Garth smile down perfect.

Trent + Mckenzie
Lord of the Rings
Sam + Frodo
They were just adorable gay midgets.

Ryley + Chelse
Modern Warfare II
Yes that is my husband in that crazy gillie suit.

I miss you
I love you
You're my hero

Things that remind me of my dad

Jazz music
waffles, bacon, crepes, or just breakfast
sweat pants with slightly embarrassing t-shirts
card games
Star Wars
Girl saves man who falls on tracks
knuckles on the back
big warm hands
really loud sneezes
hats that sit on top of your head
falling asleep on the couch
taking it easy, even the hard stuff
Reading the Christmas story (New Testament and Book of Mormon)
little running shorts
tan feet
checking blood pressure at the store
the Messiah
leading the music, everywhere, (slightly embarrassing)
Father's blessings
big bass singing
dance competitions
Mr. Fix it
Putting lights on Christmas trees beautifully
sideways grins
body surfing
little swim trunks
Sergio Mendez
twinkle in eyes

Love Always,