Art Teacher

It's true. I'm finally doing my student teaching. It' feels like I've had a huge break with school putting off my last bit, and I'm finally getting it done. Ry and I moved to Midvale, Utah. (right next to Sandy) One week down so far so good. I love my cooperating teachers. One's older and your typical crazy/fun teacher and the other teacher is younger and more chill and "hippie gone conservative" style. Both great. I'll probably be somewhere in-between them both.

Ryley and I are really liking Utah. It's nice to have a little break from our regular life in Rexburg. We have a lot of family and friends here too so hopefully we'll get to party with them a lot. I will say since I get up at 6 AM I feel like an old lady at night. When I get home Ry is ready to play and I want a nap! Hopefully I'll get more in the grove the next few weeks.

This is the picture I tied to take of myself to document my first day because Ryley was still in bed. I don't blame him since I have to leave at 6:45 AM! It's seriously killing me!

Ryley got up before I had to leave and took a picture of me with the amazing flowers he gave me as good luck. He's my good luck!

Close up on the beautiful flowers Ry gave me


DavidyAshley Bowen said...

I didnt know you guys moved to utah! we were there a couple weeks ago. good luck with student teaching...Im back at byuh....we'll see how it goes! miss ya!

Brooke said...

Pretty! (You and the flowers)

Julie M. said...

Aww, sweet of Ryley! And you look gorgeous. Hope teaching is going well!