So this is the first "guys night" Ryley has had since we've gotten married. He has gone out with the guys when I've been at work, but when I get home he comes home after me. This is the first time I've been alone in our cozy little apartment alone at night. So far I've managed to eat 2 bowls of ice-cream, watch the latest episode of "The Office" over again, and dance around to my new favorite song. It's nice. Yes, I'm pathetic and miss Mr. Shaum like crazy, but it's nice to have some time. For the past while it's "us" and "we". What "we" want. What "we" like. It's nice to know that I still know what I want and what I like, and that I still like being home with me.

One of the things I like is this amazing song by Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson. I saw them singing on the Regis and Kelly Show. (yes that makes me feel like a mom, but oh well just embrace it) They were amazing together. And who knew Scarlett could sing? This song makes me happy. And I'll probably be listening to it over and over until Mr. Ryely comes home.

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