The Contenders

Our flag football team was pretty sweet this year. We started off awesome and then lost our last 2 games. Honestly I wasn't too sad to lose and be out of the tournament since the last game we played it was 25 degrees with crazy wind! Go Rexburg. But I will say since married life I haven't really hung out with that many girls. It was really nice to be around some estrogen again! (I never thought I would ever say that)

So I forgot to wear my sweet Contenders shirt. They were pretty sweet thanks to Allyx.


DavidyAshley Bowen said...

Burrrr! thats cold! Thats funny about it being nice to hang out with girls, Its so true!

Brooke said...

You are totally awesome. And I mean that. I totally ditched my volleyball games on Thursday to go to our ward swap. Bummer.